Nimble Tickwirr

Gnome Inventor and Artificer


Ten years ago, one of the most brilliant minds of Opern came to popular light. Always revered within the Gnome culture for his stunning (even by Gnomish standards!) intelligence and innovation, he was finally convinced to enter the Contest for the position of Vizier. He entered the contest (not very seriously) to match mathematics, logic, and design against other great inventors. He did not expect to be claimed the winner, and certainly did not expect them to begin building his entry for the ‘Trial of Steel’. Frustrated by his people’s apparent short-sightedness, he turned down the Seat, and left New Anulo to parts unknown. Some say he’s still hidden away in the city, disguised and continuing to invent great items, secreted away from the Gnomish people, and others say he’s taken off to research the Old Technologies. Where Nimble Tickwhirr truly is now, is unknown. The only thing that is certain, is occassionally a clockwork automaton (the only of his kind!) is seen making purchases around the town on his behalf.
Born in New Anulo approximately 135 years ago, Nimble Tickwhirr stood out at a very young age. As a child, he quickly learned the languages of the local Drow, Eladrin, Elves, and Dwarves by simply being among their kind. His ability to retain information was incredible, even to the eldest inventors of New Anulo, and by only his 10th year, he was developing and building complex mechinations that took many Gnomes decades simply to learn. He was quickly enrolled him the Hall of Creation.

Nimble’s education was done nearly as quickly as it started. Capable of memorizing complete books down to the punctuation, he furthered his knowledge of technology and languages. After mastering the Draconic tongue, he began more research into ancient technologies, despite a very small pool of information to work with. He became a keen craftsmen and inventor, a shining star in New Anulo. Many scholars and inventors would follow his career with sharp interest, and often, splendor.
Graduating at age 20 as a Master, he was the youngest gnome to complete his education. He became a teacher in the Hall of Creation, while simultaniously furthering his own aspirations. He also became Overseer of the Line-Works, and was in charge of the crew of gnomes that maintained it.
The Trials
When Nimble joined the running for the Seat of Innovation, he presented 3 brilliant inventions.
For the Trial of Home, using his knowledge from years maintaining the Line-Works, he produced a complicated, but cost-effective and efficient procedure to make the Line-works also provide indoor-heat to the people of New Anulo, without a fire.
For the Trial of Heart, he created the fully-articulate clockwork hand now used by Hurin Drakkgoon of Straklenheim. This device is currently the only of its kind that operates at such a level of functionality. Hurin believes its so uniquely crafted, that it even impresses the All-Creator, Moradin, and gave Nimble the Grand-Smith’s blessing. (Which was appreciated and cordially accepted by Nimble, despite his lack of faith.)

For the Trial of Steel, Nimble drew up blueprints for a variation of the ancient Etherium Bomb – using legends and the few scraps of ancient information he could collect, he managed to basically re-invent the device. However, rather than using the incredibly unstable bound-elemental approach, Nimble came up with a far more effective, controlled, and manageable power source. Nimble used one of the strongest forms of Arcane-magic known not only to Opern, but to all planes, as the core. A lich’s phylactery. He named this dread device the “Netherium Bomb”, and boasted it as a perfect implement of removal. By using this device, there is a garunteed 95% mortality rate, with 0% structural damage caused. The released necrotic and arcane energy would instantly eradicate most living and magically active creatures, while having minimal impact on local flora, and create a temporary massive legion of undead who would eat the remains (and remaining survivors) that would quickly destablize before becoming a threat to any regions outside the Area of Operation, and leave the area completely habitable, without any imprint left behind. (such as what happened with the Rootwallas exposed to the elemental-resonance left by the Etherium bomb)
It was this invention that ultimately won him the Seat of Innovation, and before the contest even fully came to a close, various Gnomes began building the Netherium Bomb. Nimble was devestated, he only created the Netherium Bomb as a mathematical exercise – his data did not account of sociological or psychological ramifications/consequences of the device. Despite his urging to cease its development, the Gnomes of New Anulo focused on creating the device. Since they would not listen to him then, he refused the Seat of Innovation, saying “I would rather be a fool in the court of nothingness, than be the Overseer and Figurehead of all imbeciles.” He would be the first Gnome to ever do this, and the Runner-up, Theta Shortcloak was deemed Vizier.

Nimble Tickwirr

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